George Duncan & Sons

In 1867 George Duncan became a partner in Ripley and Co., a company founded by Daniel C. Ripley. Geroge Duncan purchased the remainder of the company in 1874. He then sold one-half interest to his son James E. and their daughter Susan N. Heisey. They changed the name of the company to Geo. Duncan & Sons. At the death of Geo. Duncan, James and Susan purchased the remaining half of the company. In 1891 the company became a part of the new United States Glass Company.

The Geo. Duncan & Sons glass company produced several patterns of tableware. The production of lamps was only a small portion of their business. A glass pattern such as "Zippered Block" would have a lamp to match the pattern. Besides "Zippered Block" there was: "Barred Oval", "Ribbed Band", "Ainslie Block", "Inside Rib", "Rayed Panel", 'Quarter Block", "Diagonal Bar", "Sunken Window", "Threeface", and "Rayed Panel".

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